Why Work With Robin?

As your Personal Coach, my ultimate goal is to help you throughout your career journey at any stage.  Regardless of where you at either launching your career, a few jobs in or uninspired where you are at today, my goal is meet you where you are in your career journey.

“No horse in this race!” This is why outside career resource is so valuable.  There are times you don’t feel comfortable speaking with your manager, another peer, a recruiter or even HR.  As a confidential and valued resource I’m here to assist you in effectively navigating your career journey.  We’ll uncover the support, direction, advice and coaching you may need in your current situation.  Discuss and set goals while developing tangible metrics to ensure success is met.

You’ll have access to my personal network to enhance your job search to not only get in the door but knock the door down with personalized 1:1 preparation, and coaching to help land your dream career.  You will receive unbiased, confidential and direct feedback as well as complete career support during and post-session.  Contact me for a free 20 minute consultation and I look forward to discussing your career journey with you.

              Discount for Recent Graduates


LGBTQ Friendly